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V.3 Vehicle Storage Terms & Conditions

Updated: 1st December 2023

  2. This Agreement will come into existence between Gatewick Farm Limited (GFL) and the person detailed on the cover sheet (You, Your) when GFL notifies You it has accepted the order by signing the cover sheet. The storage period will begin on the date agreed with You during the order process and set out on the cover sheet.

  3. The facilities offered are for the Vehicle agreed on the cover sheet of this agreement.

  4. The vehicle is only to be stored and Your vehicle must not be occupied at any time.

  5. You will be solely responsible for securing Your vehicle and insuring it is left in the correct manner.

  6. Any items left in the vehicle are left at Your own risk.

  7. GFL reserves the right to change the allocated plot without giving reason.

  8. Storage plots are not transferrable to third parties.

  9. This agreement permits the stationing of an alternative vehicle when the stated vehicle is temporarily out of storage if; (a) GFL has been given prior notice of the alternative vehicle; (b) The alternative vehicle is compatible and fits within the storage plot; and (c) The alternative vehicle has valid insurance.

  10. You warrant that You have both ownership and legal title of the Vehicle or are entitled at law to deal with it in accordance with all aspects of this Agreement as agent for the owner of the vehicle.

  11. The vehicle is to be parked centrally within the allocated plot, with the legs down (if applicable) and wing mirrors folded in on motorhomes.

  12. Periodic checks may be made on the identity of all vehicles stored on site.

  13. The vehicle and the allocated plot must be kept clean and tidy, and no litter left behind once You vacate.

  14. Additional fees may be applied if the plot is not left clean and tidy upon vacating.

  15. Vehicles are to be kept clean, mechanically sound, and in good condition.

  17. ​In the event of the storage fees being overdue GFL may retain possession (lien) of the vehicle until the arrears are settled in full or otherwise discharged. GFL undertakes to notify possession after 28 days of any payment outstanding. This will be done by recorded delivery. A fee of £5 per day will be charged for temporary storage until the matter is solved.

  18. In the event of negative response to possession, GFL will recover any outstanding arrears by selling the vehicle, either by auction or trade/private sale. The outstanding fees will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale, as will any reasonable costs that have been incurred. The remaining balance will be retained to await collection by You. GFL will seek to obtain the best price available based on the current market values and notify You on the date & place of sale.

  19. ACCESS
  20. Only You or others authorised or accompanied by You (Your Agents) may access the facility. You are responsible for and liable to GFL and other users of the facility for Your own actions and those of Your Agents. GFL may (but is not obliged to) require proof of identity from You or any other person at any time and, at GFL’s sole discretion may refuse access to any person who is unable to produce satisfactory proof.

  21. You have the right to access the Facility during Access Hours as posted by GFL and subject to the terms of this Agreement. GFL will try to provide advance warning of changes to Access Hours by notice at the Facility and/or by SMS or email, but reserves the right to change Access Hours temporarily to other reasonable times without giving prior notice.

  22. GFL may refuse You access to the Unit and/or the Facility where moneys are owing by You to GFL, whether or not a formal demand for payment has been made, or if GFL considers the safety or security of any person, unit or goods on or at the Facility has been threatened or may be put at risk.

  23. You should not leave a key with or permit access to the vehicle to any person other than Your own Agent who is responsible to You and subject to Your control. If You do so, it is at Your own risk.

  24. You authorise GFL and its agents and contractors to enter the Vehicle in the following circumstances and to break any lock if reasonably necessary to gain entry: (a) without prior notice (but with notice as soon as practicable after the event) in the event of an emergency or to prevent injury or damage to persons or property; (b) if GFL believes the Unit is being used to store prohibited goods or for a prohibited purpose; (c) if GFL is obliged to do so by law, by the Police, Fire Services, Trading Standards, HM Revenue & Customs, other competent authority or by a Court Order; or (d) to relocate the vehicle or exercise GFL’s lien or power of sale or disposal in accordance with this Agreement.

  25. Please be aware that all entry & exit movements are logged, and that the storage site is covered by CCTV, some of which is recorded and stored.

  26. You agree not to tailgate through any gate. You must swipe the access card each time you enter or exit through a gate, even if the gate is already open.

  27. If You are selling Your vehicle and wish to show persons to the vehicle, You will notify GFL with prior notice.

  28. All lost key fobs must be reported immediately to GFL.

  29. COST
  30. You are responsible to pay: (a) the Storage Fee (being the amount set out in the cover sheet or as most recently notified to You by GFL). GFL will take the first payment on acceptance of Your order and will take subsequent payments in advance on the invoice date for each storage period or other date agreed with You (Due Date). It is Your responsibility to see that payment is made directly to GFL on time and in full throughout the storage period. You can pay using a debit card or credit card or by direct debit, in which case the designated bank account will be charged automatically on each Due Date. GFL does not normally bill for fees but will issue an electronic invoice following payment. Any Storage Fees paid by direct transfer will not be credited to Your account unless You identify the payment clearly and as directed by GFL and GFL shall have no liability to and shall be indemnified by You if GFL takes steps to enforce the Agreement (including the sale of Goods) due to Your failure to identify a payment. GFL will not accept that payment has been made until it has received cleared funds; (b) a Late Payment Fee each time a payment is late or cancelled; (c) any costs incurred by GFL in collecting late or unpaid Storage Fees, or in enforcing this Agreement in any way, including but not limited to postal, telephone, debt collection, personnel and/or default action costs and associated legal and professional fees; (d) any government taxes or charges (including any value added tax or insurance premium tax) levied on any supplies made under this Agreement; and (e) the Cleaning Fee or charges for repairs, to be invoiced at GFL’s discretion;. Where You have more than one agreement with GFL, all will form one account and GFL may in its sole discretion apply any payment made by You or on Your behalf on this Agreement against the oldest amount due from You to GFL on any agreement in the account. If You make a part payment of any Storage Fees due to GFL and GFL retains Your part payment, this will not affect GFL’s ability to take any action against You or to exercise any rights GFL has under this Agreement in respect of the Storage Fees which remain outstanding from You. The time period from which GFL may take such action will still start from the Due Date when the original Storage Fees were due and the Due Date will not be extended as a result of Your part payment.

  31. GFL reserves the right to increase the storage fees and shall give You no less than one month notice of an increase, following which the new storage fee will be applied.

  32. A replacement fee will be charged for all lost key fobs and a proof of I.D will be required for another key fob to be generated.

  34. The Vehicle is stored at Your sole risk and responsibility and You shall be responsible for and bear the risk of any and all theft, damage to, and deterioration of the Vehicle caused by any reason. GFL excludes all liability in respect of (a) loss or damage to Your business, if any, including consequential loss, lost profits or business interruption; (b) loss of or damage to Goods or any claim for return of the Storage Fees except where this results from GFL’s negligence or breach of contract, in which case GFL’s liability will be limited to the sum of £100 in total. GFL does not exclude liability for physical injury to or the death of any person which is a direct result of negligence or wilful default on the part of GFL, its agents and/or employees.

  35. GFL excludes all liability caused by vermin infestation. A recognised vermin control regime is in place and is monitored regularly.

  36. GFL staff will not be held liable for any damage made to the vehicle or its contents as a result of towing or the movement of the vehicle unless due to the proven negligence of staff.

  37. Should You damage any third-party vehicle or property then You will be required to report the matter immediately to GFL.

  38. Should the vehicle be damaged whilst on site You are must immediately inform GFL and the vehicle owner’s insurance company. In cases where You consider that You have a claim against GFL then You are required to provide written (email/letter) details to GFL within 72 hours of You becoming aware of the claim.

  39. GFL does not insure the Vehicle and it is a condition of this Agreement that the Vehicle remains adequately insured at all times for its Replacement Value (as set out on the cover sheet) while it is in storage. You warrant that such cover is in place, will not lapse and that the value of the Vehicle will not exceed the insured value. GFL does not give any advice concerning insurance cover given by any policy and You must make Your own judgment as to adequacy of cover even when arranged by the GFL. Inspection of any insurance documents provided by You to demonstrate cover does not mean GFL has approved the cover or confirmed it is sufficient.

  40. GFL shall not be considered to be in breach of this Agreement nor liable for any delay in performing or failure to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement or any resulting loss or damage to the Vehicle if such delay, failure, loss or damage results from events, circumstances or causes beyond GFL’s reasonable control. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) any Act of God, riot, strike or lock-out, trade dispute or labour disturbance, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, shortage of labour, materials or transport, electrical power failures, threat of or actual terrorism or environmental or health emergency or hazard or recommended restrictions, or entry into any Vehicle including the vehicle or the Facility by, or arrest or seizure or confiscation of Goods by, competent authorities. If this happens, GFL will not be responsible for failing to allow access to the Vehicle and/or the Facility for so long as the circumstances continue. GFL will try to minimise any effects arising from such circumstances.

  42. GFL collects information about You and any ACP on registration and whilst this Agreement continues, including personal data (Data). GFL processes Data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and all associated laws. Details on how GFL uses Data and Your rights in relation to Data are set out in GFL’s Privacy Notice which can be viewed on its website at You confirm any ACP has consented to You supplying Data to GFL on these terms.

  43. If You give consent, GFL will use Data for feedback purposes, including to provide information on products or services provided by GFL in response to requests from You or if GFL believes they may be of interest. Your choice with regard to the relevant use of Data is indicated in the cover sheet and can be changed at any time by contacting .

  44. By entering this agreement, You agree to provide GFL with up to date photo ID and Proof of address. If Your address changes at any time during this agreement you must provide an up to date proof of address.

  46. GFL can send You notifications regarding day to day matters and minor changes to this Agreement by email and/or by SMS if You have agreed to receive notifications by SMS. These notifications will be effective one hour after sending or immediately if they relate to an urgent problem or emergency. We may also use Your social media accounts.

  47. Notices to be given by GFL or You for more significant changes to the services and these terms or to enforce rights under this Agreement (such as ending the Agreement, changing prices, significant disruptions or enforcing GFL’s right to sell or dispose of Goods) must be in writing and must either be delivered by hand, pre-paid post or email. Notices shall be considered to have been received at the time of delivery by hand, one day after sending by email or 48 hours after posting. Notices from GFL to You will be sent to the addresses on the cover sheet or the most recent address in England and/or email address notified by You to GFL and/or Your social media accounts. In the event of not being able to contact You at the last notified postal or email address, Notice will be considered as having been given to You if GFL serves that Notice on the ACP as identified on the front of this Agreement at the last notified postal or email address of the ACP. Any notice from You must be sent to GFL by hand or by post to the address on the cover sheet or by email to In the event that there is more than one storer named on the Agreement, Notice to or by any single storer is agreed to be sufficient for the purposes of any Notice requirement under this Agreement.

  49. If You wish to terminate this agreement, no refund will be made on the remaining storage period.

  50. This is an ongoing agreement, and it will continue until either You or GFL terminate it.

  51. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, either GFL or You may end this Agreement at any time by giving the other party written Notice. The date on which the Agreement will end (the Termination Date) must be at least the number of days indicated on the cover sheet. In the event of illegal or environmentally harmful activities on Your part or a breach of this Agreement (which, if it can be put right, You have failed to put right within 14 days of notice from GFL to do so), GFL may terminate the Agreement immediately by Notice. GFL is entitled to retain from the Deposit, or make a charge for, apportioned Storage Fees if less than the required Notice is given by You.


  53. The vehicle must be secured as per the terms & conditions of the insurance policy in respect of the stored vehicle.

  54. It is Your responsibility to insure Your vehicle during the entirety if this agreement. A copy of this must be provided to GFL and will be kept on file.

  56. GFL Ltd has the right to alter these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.

  57. GFL reserves the right to refuse any vehicle not deemed acceptable.

  58. Dogs must be always kept on leads and any mess made must be cleared up.

  59. Where it appears that a vehicle has been brought onto the storage site for the purpose of abandoning it. GFL may arrange disposal of the vehicle via The Provisions of Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 as amended and any costs incurred will be recovered from You.

  60. Vehicle maintenance may be carried out (including servicing) however, the vehicle must be pulled out of the designated plot to reduce the risk of damage to neighbouring vehicles.

  61. GFL is not held liable for any damage made to Your vehicle.

  62. You must be present with all works carried out on the vehicle unless made by S&G Caravan Services.

  63. You may wash Your vehicle whilst stored on site. There are designated washing points and water included in the storage fee. You agree to only wash Your vehicle and the washing facilities are not for cars/towing vehicles. The area must be left tidy and all broken equipment must be reported immediately to the GFL.

  64. GFL does not supply any chemical waste disposal facility.

  65. In the performance of this agreement GFL will always act with due diligence in providing a fit and proper place for the storage vehicle including security, fire regulations, public liability, and road surfaces.

  66. GFL reserves the right to ask You to remove the vehicle from the site & terminate the agreement immediately if You do not abide by these terms & conditions.

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